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    • Scalable Propagation Algorithms for Node Labeling in Bipartite Graphs 

      Nebulishvili, Natalia
      Bipartite graphs are graphs whose vertices can be partitioned into 2 different independent sets. Many interesting machine learning problems either present themselves naturally as problems of node ...
    • Securing Employer Input on Local Workforce Development 

      Hanson, Paul M. (2017)
      In 2015, the US Department of Labor (DOL) set funding aside to align workforce development initiatives with employer needs within key local economic sectors.1 In this study I explores how the Workforce Development Council ...
    • Selecting Robust Strategies in RTS Games via Concurrent Plan Augmentation 

      Elogeel, Abdelrahman
      The multifaceted complexity of real-time strategy (RTS) games requires AI systems to break down policy computation into smaller subproblems such as strategic planning, tactical planning, and reactive control. To further ...
    • Self Taut 

      Carson, Andrew
      What do you do when you aren’t yourself? Self Taut is a collection of poetry and drawings in four parts explores the interstices of self-awareness. Through rhythmic and lyrical movements, emotions reveal themselves in ...
    • Smoothing the Time Path of Landings. A Statistical Analysis of U.S. Catch Share Programs 

      Brandon, Ashley (2017)
      Catch share programs implemented in U.S. fisheries provide an alternative to traditional fishing practices and a means to deter overfishing and overcapitalization in fisheries markets. Research suggests that catch share ...
    • SMPS particle size data from the Mt. Bachelor Observatory for summer 2015 

      Jaffe, Daniel (2015-06-21)
      Aerosol size distributions from the Mt. Bachelor Observatory for 7/30/2015 to 9/23/2015.
    • SocialLDA:Scalable Topic Modeling in Social Networks 

      Bindra, Ashish (2012-08-10)
      Topical categorization of blogs, documents or other objects that can be tagged with text, improves the experience for end users. Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) is a well studied algorithm that discovers latent topics ...
    • The Spirit Cabinet 

      Smith, Christine Rene
      The Spirit Cabinet is a collection of poems that imagines the thwarted erotic relationship of Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca, by channeling the voices of their letters to one another. Guided by Gertrude Stein's ...
    • Stand-To 

      Prichard, Gregory Scott
      Stand-To is an autobiographical piece composed of prose, poetry, and artwork. It reflects a soldier’s story during the Iraq war. The work also examines the effects of war on the soldier, their families and the people of ...
    • Starting Small Practicing Critical Pedagogy through Collective Conversation 

      Watson, Megan; Ellenwood, Dave (ACRL, 2016)
    • Still We Rise 

      Simmons, Todd Allan
      University of Washington Abstract Still We Rise Todd Simmons Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Writer-in-Residence, Rebecca Brown Creative Writing and Poetics Still We Rise is the story of a Special Olympics basketball ...
    • Supply Chain Transparency: Comparative Analysis on Government Policy and NGO Advocacy 

      Wright, Meghan (2013)
      Slavery and Human Trafficking are crimes under state, federal, and international law. Legislative efforts have been made to address the market for goods and products tainted by slavery and trafficking by providing ...
    • Tales from Here and There 

      Huskamp, Andrew
      Tales From Here and There is a two part compilation that features fairy tales and poetics statements. The interconnected fairy tales provide the preliminary structure for a secondary fantasy world. They offer insight into ...
    • Teaching Interdisciplinarity 

      Burgett, Bruce; Hillyard, Cinnamon; Krabill, Ron; Leadley, Sarah; Rosenberg, Becky (Duke University Press, 2011)
      This essay addresses the question of how to best teach interdisciplinarity through a detailed discussion of a common upper-division gateway course for multiple majors housed in an interdisciplinary studies unit. It argues ...
    • Teaching Meetings: Providing a Forum for Learning How to Teach 

      Leadley, Sarah (Emerald Insight, 1998)
      "In 1996, librarians at the University of Washington Bothell Library gathered together their teaching librarians and the director of the Writing Center and began meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues of teaching and ...
    • The Anatomical Grip 

      Cabello, Yohandra
      Enhanced Agent Brynn’s effectiveness is questioned when a mission fails. Tormented by PTSD and family secrets, she must continue to carry out her job as a spy while battling an addiction to the drug that keeps her body ...
    • The End of Everest? Reimagining Himalayan Adventure Travel in an Age of Unnatural Disasters 

      Bellows, Ian (University of Washington Libraries, 2016)
      Himalayan adventure travel is a burgeoning industry in some mountainous regions of Nepal, India, and the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People‘s Republic of China. The development of a trekking and expedition mountaineering ...
    • The Forest for the Trees: A Comparative Analysis of Urban Forestry Regimes in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon 

      Clayton, Chelsea (University of Washington Libraries, 2016)
      This research project examines the development and implementation of municipal-level urban forestry policy in the cities of Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. The research examines the issue-specific context in ...
    • The Gaze and the Circumvention of Power in Richard Strauss’ Salome 

      Cho, Yoojeong (University of Washington Libraries, 2016)
      Richard Strauss’ opera “Salome” is a musical discourse of the uneven power dynamics between male and female with the idea of the gaze as its central narrative. Under the patriarchal premise of the male gaze, the men emerge ...