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    • A Nursery Rhyme from Another Summer 

      Thorlin, September Leigh
      Abstract: This thesis was written as an experimental memoir on abuse and recovery. It explores these topics through poetry, prose, and experimental non-fiction.
    • Behind the Curtain 

      Livadariu, Sabina
      This a testimony of dictatorship. A collection of personal memories and photographs that reflect the experiences of many. It is a look at the lives happening behind the curtain. And this curtain shifts its meaning throughout ...
    • Fountain; fragments and remains: an journal/essay of things orr Nude Descending a Staircase N°2; fragments and remains: a long form poem 

      Mosman Sinclair, William Sean
      What Fountain wants here is to be both signal and noise at the same time, so that the signal is noise and the noise signal, in a constant feedback loop (both negative and positive, destructive and constructive) refusing ...
    • Fourteen 

      Queen, Talena Lachelle
      <italic>Fourteen<italic> takes on difficult topics such as chattel slavery, sexual violence, racism and discrimination. I use music, tangents and a prejudicial preference for the number fourteen as tools to aid my telling. ...
    • On My Mind 

      Shaw, Carol Anderson
      University of Washington Abstract On My Mind Carol Anderson Shaw Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Assistant Professor Sarah Dowling School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science On My Mind engages with complex issues of ...
    • A Poetics of Miscommunication 

      Satlin, Joseph David Louis Alan
      An analysis of the concept of miscommunication in and through literature. Primary sources include the novels of Samuel Beckett and Reader-response theory, particularly in the writings of Wolfgang Iser. This thesis problematizes ...
    • Pterratactile 

      Buller, Peter
      We often consider poetry for its sounds and images, and yet our lives and poetic practice depend on somatic mediums for their production. What does it mean for poetry to be something you feel and hold as much as see and ...
    • Self Taut 

      Carson, Andrew
      What do you do when you aren’t yourself? Self Taut is a collection of poetry and drawings in four parts explores the interstices of self-awareness. Through rhythmic and lyrical movements, emotions reveal themselves in ...
    • The Tuck 

      Burland, Benjamin de L'isle
      “There is no place for fear in this new world of ours, Mr. Peck. It can only hurt you, be used against you. I’m sure you see this; understand it better than I do. The question is: are you ready to feel better? To be ...
    • Unfolding Feminism and Femininity 

      McGinnis, Megan
      This project considers my female lineage and my practice of Christian Science as it affects the way I practice feminism and express femininity. I analyze the relationships between media culture, body image, spirituality, ...
    • Virgo 

      Acosta, Eric Michael
      Virgo is a collection of poetry and poetics that experiments with the visual aspects of language, using page and ideogram to create an art object that exists semantically, visually and aurally.