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    • Chairs 

      Coville, Denise
      What drives prose if it isn’t the story? Or rather, what is a story? Anton Chekhov’s famous rule of storytelling suggests that a gun should not be included in the first act if it is not going to be fired in the second, but ...
    • HisJazzRaptoMe: Hip Hop Vignettes & Quarter Waters 

      Iniguez, Samuel Aguiar
      HisJazzRaptoMe, is a mixing of genres to create a new form of literature reflective of the true form of Hip Hop. In Hip Hop, there are many elements that comprise such culture: emceeing, graffiti writing, break dancing, ...
    • Still We Rise 

      Simmons, Todd Allan
      University of Washington Abstract Still We Rise Todd Simmons Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Writer-in-Residence, Rebecca Brown Creative Writing and Poetics Still We Rise is the story of a Special Olympics basketball ...