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    • Chairs 

      Coville, Denise
      What drives prose if it isn’t the story? Or rather, what is a story? Anton Chekhov’s famous rule of storytelling suggests that a gun should not be included in the first act if it is not going to be fired in the second, but ...
    • Tales from Here and There 

      Huskamp, Andrew
      Tales From Here and There is a two part compilation that features fairy tales and poetics statements. The interconnected fairy tales provide the preliminary structure for a secondary fantasy world. They offer insight into ...
    • —WEYOUI— 

      Babb, Jacquelyn
      [artist statement] WEYOUI want for words words written/uttered by others words forged/apparating in our own minds/mouths words clutched carefully/vehemently to validate, to soothe, to encourage words connecting us across ...