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U.S. Relations with Russia: Obama-Medvedev Bilateral Presidential Commission

Show simple item record Crotts, Jennah Dyrcz, Marisa Ericson, Noelle Frasene, Thomas Gannon, Stephen Gilnick, Justin Goiton, Rahel Guo, Maria Heck, Sarah Ingimarsdottir, Bryndis Ladenburg, Jena Melashu, Azmera Meyer, Angela Raymer, Bronwen Stock, Megan Strand, Henrik Taubenheim, Elise 2011-04-20T16:37:11Z 2011-04-20T16:37:11Z 2011
dc.description Created as part of the 2011 Jackson School for International Studies SIS 495: Task Force. Robert Huber, Task Force Advisor; Morris E. Jacobs, Evaluator; Stephen Gannon, Coordinator. en_US
dc.description.abstract The US and Russia have a history of acting in roles of global competitors. However this is not necessary, what’s more is it is in neither of our interests. Eager to move beyond obsolete and irrelevant souvenir challenges based in historical periods that are no longer in effect, but still serves to obstruct both our nations from realizing our full global and regional potential the US-Russian bilateral commission proposes a series of correlated policy recommendations that serve to directly and immediately advantage the interests of the United State’s imperative relationship with Russia. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.title U.S. Relations with Russia: Obama-Medvedev Bilateral Presidential Commission en_US

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