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Countering al-Qaeda’s Ideology: Re-assessing U.S. Policy Ten Years After 9/11

Show simple item record Bezovics, Alexander Combs, Sam Corigliano, Joseph Frackelton, Gillian Gracey, Linn Humphrey, Jonathan Jackson, Joelle Jeffers, Alexander Mendel, Juliana Mincin, Grasilda Muller, Peter Nazari, Arya Paulhus, Matthew Radunovic, Vanja Stone, Allison van Hees, Annie Wright, Matthew Zipperer, Kristen 2011-04-20T19:39:36Z 2011-04-20T19:39:36Z 2011
dc.description Created as part of the 2011 Jackson School for International Studies SIS 495: Task Force. The Honorable Adam Smith, Task Force Advisor; David Kilcullen, Evaluator; Sam Combs and Annie van Hees, Coordinators. en_US
dc.description.abstract The U.S. has made sweeping changes to its national defense strategic goals and objectives since 9/11. In response to the rise in prominence of al-Qaeda and it‘s extremist ideology, the U.S. established the Department of Homeland Security, created the Office of Director of National Intelligence, and adopted new legal definitions for detention and interrogation policy. The U.S. has expanded intelligence-gathering and information-sharing mechanisms and learned to fight an enemy that wears no official uniform, that has no borders, and that represents no sovereign state. During the same period the U.S. government launched military contingency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, deploying hundreds of thousands of troops. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.title Countering al-Qaeda’s Ideology: Re-assessing U.S. Policy Ten Years After 9/11 en_US

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