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Computers: turn them off or leave them on?

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dc.description.abstract With the advancement of technology, it is difficult to determine whether it is best to power-off computers during times of inactivity, or leave them on continuously in a low, power save mode. Questions that must be addressed include the cost of employees' time during virus patching and start-up, and how the hardware inside of the computer reacts to dramatic temperature changes – this is particularly an issue when turning them off and on often. Another issue to consider is how the fans keep the system cool, which becomes an issue when the computers are left on constantly. There is also the financial and carbon footprint issues that arise whenever energy is involved, and parts need to be manufactured. To address these issues, a cost benefit analysis will be used to compare three projects: the first is to turn off the computers when not in use, the second is to leave the computers on continuously in power save mode, and the third is to maintain the baseline, or status quo – which is ultimately a combination of both aforementioned projects. The Environmental Protection Agency‘s regional office in Seattle will be the sample used in this analysis. Ultimately, project one, Turn Off Computers was the best fit for EPA Region 10. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject energy savings en_US
dc.subject personal computers en_US
dc.subject office technology en_US
dc.title Computers: turn them off or leave them on? en_US

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