Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-06 (June 1963), Mahasarakham, Roi Et.

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Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-06 (June 1963), Mahasarakham, Roi Et.

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Title: Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-06 (June 1963), Mahasarakham, Roi Et.
Author: Keyes, Charles F.; ชารลส์ เอฟ. ไคส์
Abstract: Charles F. Keyes, Field Notebooks, Thailand: June 1963. Field notes in this document were primarily written in Ban Nong Tun (village), Amphoe Muang, Mahasarakham Province (Changwat Maha Sarakham), Thailand. This document is preceded by field notes written in Mahasarakham in May 1963 and is followed by notes written in Mahasarakham in July 1963. Topics: Mr. Ngao's Tham Bun Ceremony; Innovation and Mr. Ngao; Miscellaneous; Skyrocket Festival; Death; Miscellaneous; Bông Fai Ceremony; Bông Fai Ceremony; Mr. Ngao; Death; Education; Miscellaneous; Miscellaneous; Health; Food; The Village and Me; Bông Fai; Mr. Wichian; Experiment in Diversified Cropping – Community Development Program; Water Tank; Conversation with Mr. Som Thapthāni; Discussion with Mr. Ngao: 1. Birth control, 2. Plural wives, 3. Woman who had caeserian, 4. Education, 5. Courting, 6. Mr. Boonsuk, 7. Robbers, 8. Liquor ; Credit at the Store; Funeral; Spirits of the Field; Brother of Mr. Pha; Wake; Meeting of the Elders; Tamrā Bōrān; Beliefs Concerning Death; Wai Khrū Ceremony; Education; Funeral Rites; Invitation to Presentation of Water Tanks by SEATO Forces; SEATO Exercise; History of Bān Chiang Hian; Silk Raising and Community Development; Visit to B. Nông Khā, T. Thā Tūm; "Patron-Client" Idea and the Village; Mr. Ngao; Army and Village; Visit to Nōn Khwao Nôi; Meeting of Village Council; Courting; Mr. Ngao and Charcoal Selling; Marketing; Food; Needs of Villages in Tambon Khwao, Amphoe Muang, Maha Sarakham; The Day the American Soldiers Came; Visit of the King; Thai Attitudes Towards Having Children; New School; Attitudes Toward Army; Education; Integration of village components into the nation-state; Invitation to a funeral; Inheritance; Birth; A Crazy Visitor; Education; Ideas on Birth Control; Wake at Mr. Phā 's House; Economics and Mr. Ngao; Material Culture; Radios; Army and Village; Nuan's Mother; Sale of Buffalo; Trip to Roi-et; Mr. Sôm Thapthanī; Tham Bun for the Dead; Other Customs Connected with Death; The American Army and its Relationship to the Village; Concerning Mr. Phā; Marriage and Divorce; The Killers of Buffalo; Religious Sects and Religion; Nāi Hô; Bridge Building; Nang Khēn; Mr. Hô, Death and Phī; Pig Selling; Rice Milling Record; Wedding; Relations of Mr. Hô; Tham Bun Ceremony at Mr. Hô's House.

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