Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-10 (October 1963), Mahasarakham.

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Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-10 (October 1963), Mahasarakham.

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Title: Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-10 (October 1963), Mahasarakham.
Author: Keyes, Charles F.; ชารลส์ เอฟ. ไคส์
Abstract: Charles F. Keyes, Field Notebooks, Thailand: October 1963. Field notes in this document were primarily written in Mahasarakham Province (Changwat Maha Sarakham), Thailand. This document is preceded by field notes written in Mahasarakham in September 1963 and is followed by notes written in Mahasarakham in November 1963. Topics: Trip to Bangkok ; Return to Bān Nông Tün, Mahasarakham; Wan ‘ôk phansa; An Old Man's Knowledge of the Outside World; Nôi; Thôt Kathin: 1. Meaning of Thôt Kathin, 2. Preparations, 3. Preparations on the Part of the Recipient Village, 4. The Ceremony, 5. The Gifts, 6. Conclusion of the Ceremony, 7. Other Items; Customs Associated with Wan ‘ôk Phansa; Trips of Villagers through N.E.; Nāi Hōm; The Abbot of Bān Khwao; Child Discipline; Mr. Hô and the Outside World; A Legal Question; Children's Day; Inheritance Patterns among Thai-Lao Peasants of Northeastern Thailand; Thôt Kathin at Bān Iat; Physical Setting of Ceremony; Miscellaneous Remarks; Legends of Ban Pradap Din and Bun Khāo Sāk; Leaving of the Monkhood; Khōm Fai, Khōm Lom; Miscellaneous on T. Khwao; Marketing; Fishing; Local Lottery; Local Economy; Kenaf; Cloth Making and Dyeing; Education; Mr. Ngao; Village Meeting; A Special Bangsakun; A Satellite; Age and Sex Roles; Centers of Social Intercourse; Ceremonies Connected with Thôt Kathin; Kathin Activities in B. Yāng; Bān Dôn Dū Thôt Kathin in B. Thātūm; Chulalonkorn Day; Petty Merchants and the Art of Selling; Sārawat at BNT; Kathin; Personal Adornment; Kathin in Bān Khwao; BNT Sponsors a Bun Kathin: 1. Special food, 2. Making of the hô kathin and other things for procession, 3. The Gifts, 4. Procession around village, 5. Evening Religion, 6. Entertainment; Mr. Hô; Kathin in B. Dôn in Māk Yā; Nuan's Clothes-Making; Attitudes Towards Government; Fishing.

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