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    • 2. Mapping Environmental Indicators in the Puget Sound Region: A Comprehensive Approach to Implementing Cartographic Best Practices 

      Walker, Jonathan; Johnstonbaugh, Elizabeth; Perkins, Joel; Padagas, Dyan (UW Professional Master’s Program in GIS Occasional Papers, 2012-02-27)
      In the 2007 State of the Sound Puget Sound Partnership report, the map graphics fail to communicate their intended purpose for a number of reasons; namely, the lack of a cohesive look, cartographic missteps, and often an ...
    • 4. GIS Workshop: Summer 2013 

      Bryan, Palmer; Stcherbinine, Scott; Goldsmith, Jim; Price, Ian; Kramer, Kory; Schmitz, David; Eckhardt, Nicolas; Gardner, Chris; McAuslan, Donald; Hollatz, Rick; Lund, Gregory; Tanahara, Alyssa; Dong, Jeff; Perkins, Joel; Novak, Grant; Walker, Jon; Johnstonbaugh, Elizabeth; Teut, Nathan (University of Washington Department of Geography, 2013-08)
      The GEOG 569 GIS Workshop is designed as a capstone field experience in the improvement, redesign, or reengineering of sustainability management workflows involving the use of GIS. Each group scoped out an organization’s ...