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  • Johnson, Lauren Mickel (2012-08-10)
    B-Shelves (Box-Shelves) explores the relationship between design intent, generative design, mass customization and digital fabrication. B-Shelves is a mass custom furniture product that is customized through a web based ...
  • Edupuganti, Siva Ram (2013-07-23)
    Efficient use of energy is vital. Electric lighting contributes to a significant part of the total energy use in the US. Efficient use of daylighting offers a significant reduction in overall energy use. However, because ...
  • Jadhav, Siddharth
    Variation, in the form of patterns in space and time, is fundamental to architecture, but produces complexity in design and construction processes. This complexity is usually managed by constraining variability within a ...
  • Ruthrauff, Hunter Allyn (2012-09-13)
    Mechatronics is a concurrent field blending mechanical (mecha) and electronics (tronics) engineering used for the development of interactive design and manufacturing. It opens a portal for information to flow between the ...
  • Teng, Teng
    Over the past decades, the WIMP based computer-aided design tools have been redefining the foundation of architectural design. As a materialization process, architectural designers are conceiving their mind through the ...
  • Hancock, Lillian Lubaton (2013-07-25)
    Being an architect today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. The discipline of architecture continues to be influenced by the use of technology, specifically digital representation, which in this study refers to ...

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