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  • Smith, Christine Rene
    The Spirit Cabinet is a collection of poems that imagines the thwarted erotic relationship of Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca, by channeling the voices of their letters to one another. Guided by Gertrude Stein's ...
  • Simmons, Todd Allan
    University of Washington Abstract Still We Rise Todd Simmons Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Writer-in-Residence, Rebecca Brown Creative Writing and Poetics Still We Rise is the story of a Special Olympics basketball ...
  • Huskamp, Andrew
    Tales From Here and There is a two part compilation that features fairy tales and poetics statements. The interconnected fairy tales provide the preliminary structure for a secondary fantasy world. They offer insight into ...
  • Chiavetta, Margaret
    University of Washington Abstract Thesis: Untitled Collection of Essays Margaret Chiavetta Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Guest Advisor Robert Gluck Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences My thesis is a collection ...
  • McGinnis, Megan
    This project considers my female lineage and my practice of Christian Science as it affects the way I practice feminism and express femininity. I analyze the relationships between media culture, body image, spirituality, ...
  • Baker, Sarah
    Water’s Work is a playful exploration of lyric poetry, etymology, and sound. The poems in this collection use repetition, often through off-rhyme, alliteration and consonance, to mimic the rhythm of water and its propelling ...

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