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  • Huskamp, Andrew
    Tales From Here and There is a two part compilation that features fairy tales and poetics statements. The interconnected fairy tales provide the preliminary structure for a secondary fantasy world. They offer insight into ...
  • Chiavetta, Margaret
    University of Washington Abstract Thesis: Untitled Collection of Essays Margaret Chiavetta Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Guest Advisor Robert Gluck Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences My thesis is a collection ...
  • McGinnis, Megan
    This project considers my female lineage and my practice of Christian Science as it affects the way I practice feminism and express femininity. I analyze the relationships between media culture, body image, spirituality, ...
  • Baker, Sarah
    Water’s Work is a playful exploration of lyric poetry, etymology, and sound. The poems in this collection use repetition, often through off-rhyme, alliteration and consonance, to mimic the rhythm of water and its propelling ...

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