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  • Gaddis, Grace Kelly (2014)
    Polishing a Gem on the Surface of the Sea is a hybrid work that is non-fiction, creative fiction, fiction and poetry but, for classification purposes, I label it fiction. The narrative and poetry sections focus on grief, ...
  • Huskamp, Andrew
    Tales From Here and There is a two part compilation that features fairy tales and poetics statements. The interconnected fairy tales provide the preliminary structure for a secondary fantasy world. They offer insight into ...
  • Phillips, Billy Solon
    The imaginations is the human being's core intellectual generative power, but is neglected in Western life. Being more important it is also more dangerous than previously realized. Fractured Poetics and Creation is a ...
  • Dieter 
    Light, Lauren Meg
    Dieter is a fictional account how the sins of the father can continue to reverberate for thousands of years. Told from the point of view of Snow, Hazard's (formally known as Dieter) mid-twenties estranged daughter, the ...
  • Paschall, Michael William
    Phrases Of The Moon is a collections of prose-poems, parables, riddles, aphorisms, and short stories linked together to form a web of creative mystery and revelation. Kafka, Borges, Mallarmé, and Nabokov are some of the ...

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