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      Bangladesh; Child health; Mozambique; Small area modeling; Vaccinations [1]
      Barriers; Eritrean Community; Ethiopian Community; Motivators; participation to research; Somali Community [1]
      Barriers; HIV; MSM; Research; Vaccine; Willingness [1]
      bayes; chronic disease; epidemiology; machine learning; symptomatic diagnosis; verbal autopsy [1]
      betel nut; gutka; oral health disease; secret shopper study [1]
      Biochemistry [1]
      Black studies [1]
      Brain Drain; Cuba; Human Resources; Social Medicine; Timor-Leste [1]
      breast cancer; Caucasus; Georgia; qualitative; Tbilisi; women's health [1]
      Breast cancer; Clinical guidelines; Implementation science; Low and middle resource countries [1]
      Breast Cancer; Global Health; Mental Health; Stigma; Uganda [1]
      Budget Impact; Cluster Randomized Trial; Effectiveness; HIV; Partner Services; Surveillance [1]
      Burkitt Lymphoma; Cancer; Discordance; Global Oncology; Pathology; Pediatric Oncology [1]
      caesarean section; c-section; Humanitarian emergency responses; Lebanon; Middle-East; Syrian Refugees [1]
      Cambodia; Developing Countries; Diabetes; Program Evaluation; Treatment Outcome [1]
      Capacity Building; Case Study; Governance; Local Ownership; Systems Strengthening; Zambia [1]
      cardiac index; cardiac output; heart function; kwashiorkor; malnutrition; USCOM [1]
      Cardiovascular disease; Dyslipidemia; HDL; HIV-infected; TC:HDL ratio; Viral Load [1]
      Casualty; Conflict; Global health; Iraq; Mortality; War [1]
      cause of death; death certification; medical records; non-communicable disease; record review; verbal autopsy [1]