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      caesarean section; c-section; Humanitarian emergency responses; Lebanon; Middle-East; Syrian Refugees [1]
      Cambodia; Developing Countries; Diabetes; Program Evaluation; Treatment Outcome [1]
      Capacity Building; Case Study; Governance; Local Ownership; Systems Strengthening; Zambia [1]
      cardiac index; cardiac output; heart function; kwashiorkor; malnutrition; USCOM [1]
      Cardiovascular disease; Dyslipidemia; HDL; HIV-infected; TC:HDL ratio; Viral Load [1]
      Casualty; Conflict; Global health; Iraq; Mortality; War [1]
      cause of death; death certification; medical records; non-communicable disease; record review; verbal autopsy [1]
      Cause of Death; Reliability; Tariff Method; Verbal Autopsy [1]
      CD8+ T cells; Conservation score; early HIV infection; Epitopes; HIV vaccine; Viral control [1]
      cervical cancer; HIV; Late stage; Predictors; Uganda; Women [1]
      Cervical Cancer; HPV vaccine; Human Papilloma Virus; Indigenous; Peru; Shipibo [1]
      Child Development [1]
      Child health; Child nutrition; Kenya; Malnutrition; Undernutrition [1]
      Child health; Coverage; Indicators; Maternal health; Uganda [1]
      Child health; Early child development; Intimate partner violence; Nicaragua; Poverty [1]
      Child Marriage; Education; Female Genital Cutting; Human Rights; Tostan; Transformative Learning [1]
      Child mortality; Diarrhea; Etiology; Non-fatal outcomes [1]
      child mortality; Health Systems Strengthening; Millennium Development Goals; Mozambique; time series; workforce density [1]
      children and youth; disease expenditure; health accounts; healthcare spending; pediatric spending; United States [1]
      children; HIV; HIV disclosure; parental HIV disclosure; parental HIV infections [1]