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    • Genetic and epigenetic insight into morphospecies in a reef coral 

      Dimond, James L; Gamblewood, Sanoosh K; Roberts, Steven B (2017-08)
      Incongruence between conventional and molecular systematics has left the delineation of many species unresolved. Reef-building corals are no exception, with phenotypic plasticity among the most plausible explanations for ...
    • Germline DNA methylation in reef corals: patterns and potential roles in response to environmental change 

      Dimond, James L.; Roberts, Steven B. (Epigenetic Studies in Ecology and Evolution, 2015-10-01)
      DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that plays an inadequately understood role in gene regulation, particularly in non-model species. Because it can be influenced by the environment, DNA methylation may contribute to ...
    • Local adaptation limits lifetime reproductive success of dispersers in a wild salmon metapopulation 

      Peterson, Daniel A.; Hilborn, Ray; Hauser, Lorenz (University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery SciencesPublished by the journal "Nature Communications" at:, 2014-10)
      Demographic and evolutionary dynamics in wild metapopulations are critically affected by the balance between dispersal and local adaptation. Where populations are demographically interconnected by migration, gene flow is ...