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    • Don’t Take My Folders Away! Organizing Personal Information to Get Things Done 

      Jones, William; Phuwanartnurak, Ammy Jiranida; Gill, Rajdeep; Bruce, Harry (2005-01-11)
      A study explores the way people organize information in support of projects (“teach a course”, “plan a wedding”, etc.). The folder structures to organize project information – especially electronic documents and other ...
    • In Support of External Representations for Personal Information Management 

      Jones, William; Munat, Charles; Foxley, Austin; Bruce, Harry (2005-08-17)
      This article describes research that looks at how structure is now used and might be better used in support of personal information management (PIM). Efforts to structure personal information find expression in various ...
    • The Universal Labeler: Plan the Project and Let Your Information Follow 

      Jones, William; Munat, Charles; Bruce, Harry (2005-03-29)
      The Universal Labeler (UL) supports a single, unified scheme of “labeling” which can be applied to organize various kinds of information including electronic documents, email messages and web references. The UL takes a ...