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    • Toward a theory of mutual mate choice: Lessons from two-sided matching 

      Bergstrom, Carl T.; Real, Leslie A. (Evolutionary Ecology LTD, 2000)
      Theoretical models of mate choice and sexual selection typically make one of two simplifying assumptions. Either mate-preferences are assumed to be uniform (e.g., all females have the same preferences with respect to males), ...
    • Transmission bottlenecks as determinants of virulence in rapidly evolving pathogens 

      Bergstrom, Carl T.; McElhany, Paul; Real, Leslie A. (National Academy of the Sciences, 1999-04)
      Transmission bottlenecks occur in pathogen populations when only a few individual pathogens are transmitted from one infected host to another in the initiation of a new infection. Transmission bottlenecks can dramatically ...