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    • Interspecific mutualism: Puzzles and predictions 

      Bergstrom, Carl T.; Bronstein, Judith L.; Bshary, Redouan; Connor, Richard C.; Daly, Martin; Frank, Steven A.; Gintis, Herbert; Keller, Laurant; Leimar, Olof; Noe, Ronald; Queller, David C. (MIT Press, 2003)
    • The Red King Effect: Evolutionary rates and the division of surpluses in mutualisms 

      Bergstrom, Carl T.; Lachmann, Michael (MIT Press, 2003)
      Mutualisms generate surpluses. While much of the theoretical literature to date focuses on mechanisms by which cooperation is stabilized so that these surpluses can continue to be produced and enjoyed, we address a second ...
    • The Red King Effect: When the slowest runner wins the coevolutionary race 

      Bergstrom, Carl T.; Lachmann, Michael (National Academy of Sciences USA, 2003-01-21)
      Mutualisms provide benefits to those who participate in them. As a mutualism evolves, how will these benefits come to be allocated among the participants? We approach this question using evolutionary game theory and explore ...