Biology Reprints


The Biology Reprints collection assembles a permanent and freely available archive of the published work of the faculty and students associated with the Department of Biology at the University of Washington.

Recent Submissions

  • Bergstrom, Carl T.; Lachmann, Michael (The Royal Society, 1997)
    Zahavi's handicap principle, originally proposed as an explanation for sexual selection of elaborate male traits (Zahavi, 1975) suggests that signalling can be honest if less desirable signallers must pay a higher cost in ...
  • Bergstrom, Carl T.; Lachmann, Michael (Academic Press INC Elsevier Science, 1998)
    Models of costly signalling are commonly employed in evolutionary biology in order to explain how honest communication between individuals with conflicting interests can be stable. These models have focused primarily on a ...
  • Bergstrom, Carl T.; Lachmann, Michael (MIT Press, 2003)
    Mutualisms generate surpluses. While much of the theoretical literature to date focuses on mechanisms by which cooperation is stabilized so that these surpluses can continue to be produced and enjoyed, we address a second ...

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