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  • Orbis Cascade Alliance’s Migration of Faceted Vocabularies to Primo VE 

    Lee, Junghae; Galbreath, Blake L. (2023-07-24)
    There has been a continued effort among cataloging communities to implement new fields and subfields in MARC 21 to support more structured data that benefit end users. In the current article, we describe how the Orbis ...
  • A Collaborative, Student-Centered Approach to Designing an Undergraduate Researcher Tutorial 

    Hornby, Amanda; Salvador, Jessica; Vrbancic, Emilie; Whang, Linda (2023-01-31)
    This chapter describes the collaboration between the University of Washington Libraries and Undergraduate Research Program (URP) to create a flexible and scalable online tutorial focused on critical research and information ...
  • A Counter-Archive of Imprisonment: The Washington Prison History Project 

    Berger, Dan; Donea, Magdalena; Hattwig, Denise; Rowland, Danielle (PUBLIC: Arts, Design, Humanities. A Journal of Imagining America, 2018)
    This essay explores the prison as an archive by focusing on an emerging digital humanities project about the history of prisons. The Washington Prison History Project (WPHP) began with the donation of two decades of records ...
  • Creating Counter Archives: The University of Washington Bothell's Feminist Community Archive of Washington Project 

    Shayne, Julie D.; Hattwig, Denise; Ellenwood, Dave; Hiner, Taylor (Feminist Teacher (University of Illinois Press), 2018)
    Using feminist pedagogical practices that incorporate student knowledge production and digital scholarship methods, a team at the University of Washington Bothell founded the online, open-access Feminist Community Archive ...
  • Images and the Research Process 

    Brown, Nicole E; Bussert, Kaila; Hattwig, Denise; Medaille, Ann (American Library Association, 2016)
    Images can prompt inquiry and discovery and help students move from their concrete personal experiences into the more abstract area of library research. A deeper and richer understanding of visual content empowers students ...
  • Cite and Credit Images 

    Brown, Nicole E; Bussert, Kaila; Hattwig, Denise; Medaille, Ann (American Library Association, 2016)
    You've found that great image! Now what? You’ll need to cite or credit the image when you use it, and this chapter will help you do it right. Citing images is a fundamental part of using images in academic work, but it ...
  • Ethical Use of Images 

    Brown, Nicole E; Bussert, Kaila; Hattwig, Denise; Medaille, Ann (American Library Association, 2016)
    Images carry core cultural and personal expressions and information, packaged in an engaging format that is easy to use and share. This ease can raise challenging ethical issues in academic, personal, and professional ...
  • Create and Use Images 

    Brown, Nicole E; Bussert, Kaila; Hattwig, Denise; Medaille, Ann (American Library Association, 2016)
    Images can enliven projects of all types by adding dimension and immediacy to everyday and academic communications. Meaningful visual communication, however, can be a challenge. Too often, images are an afterthought in a ...
  • Find the Right Images 

    Brown, Nicole E; Bussert, Kaila; Hattwig, Denise; Medaille, Ann (American Library Association, 2016)
    It can be difficult to know where to look for images and how to navigate the millions of choices available. The resources, strategies, and activities in this chapter will build your repertoire of approaches to finding ...
  • Interpret and Analyze Images 

    Brown, Nicole E; Bussert, Kaila; Hattwig, Denise; Medaille, Ann (American Library Association, 2016)
    This chapter sets forth a flexible process for interpreting and analyzing visual content that you can apply in your work with students as they begin to analyze the meanings of images and visual media. Use our adaptable, ...
  • ACRL Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education 

    Hattwig, Denise; Burgess, Joanna; Bussert, Kaila; Medaille, Ann (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2011-10)
    The importance of images and visual media in contemporary culture is changing what it means to be literate in the 21st century. Today's society is highly visual, and visual imagery is no longer supplemental to other forms ...
  • Student Participation in Scholarly Communication and Library Digital Collections: A Case Study from the University of Washington Bothell Library 

    Hattwig, Denise; Lam, Nia; Freidberg, Jill (2015)
    The University of Washington Bothell/Cascadia College Library recently partnered with a faculty member to develop a digital collection showcasing student-produced digital oral histories. This case study describes the role ...
  • UW Libraries Task Force on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism in Collections Final Report 

    Caruso, Moriah; Christenberry, Faye; Davis, Anne; Gascon, Leslie; Henchy, Judith A. N.; Kenny, Claire; Schroeder, Sarah; Shen, Zhijia; Sullivan, Madison (2022-07-26)
  • A Path for Moving Forward with Local Changes to the Library of Congress Subject Heading “Illegal Aliens” 

    George, Kelsey; Grant, Erin; Kellett, Cate; Pettitt, Karl (2021-08-04)
    In 2014, the Library of Congress (LC) rejected a proposal to change headings in the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) that refer to undocumented immigrants as “Illegal aliens.” Two years later, a Subject Analysis ...
  • Shared Values: Catalysts for Inspiring and Implementing Change in Library Collections 

    Pan, Denise (2021-05-21)
    Keynote presentation for VIVA (Virginia's Academic Library Consortium) Collections Forum on May 21, 2021.
  • MedGen: NCBI’s Portal to Information on Medical Conditions with a Genetic Component 

    Louden, Diana Nelson (2020-10-30)
    MedGen serves as a portal to information on genetic aspects of human health and disease. Created and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), it aggregates clinically-relevant content from ...
  • Structured Collection Notes and Dashboard for Electronic Collections Management 

    Grant, Erin; Romaine, Siôn; Schockmel, Nick (International Group of Ex Libris Users, 2020-09)
    The University of Washington Libraries uses a variety of metadata sources, including the Alma CZ, the OCLC KB, vendor records, and manual cataloging, to provide access to ebook and streaming media collections. Information ...
  • Happy Together?: Communication & Collaboration Between Technical Services and IT 

    Grant, Erin; Pepitone, Anne; Stewart, Morag (American Library Association, 2020-06)
    Case study of interdepartmental collaboration between UW Libraries IT and Technical Services (Acquisitions and Cataloging) departments.
  • Navigating Support Models for OER Publishing: Case Studies from the University of Houston and the University of Washington 

    Ray, Lauren (2020-08-10)
    The purpose of this paper is to describe programs that support Open Educational Resources (OER) publishing in academic libraries. Insights, opportunities, and challenges are shared in relation to the broader Open Education ...
  • Technical Services Work Orders That Really Work 

    Grant, Erin; Romaine, Siôn (SUNY Librarians Association, 2019-02)
    Designing work orders for technical services departments can be daunting to understand and apply on the first try. This presentation provides guidance on creating acquisitions, cataloging, and preservation work orders that ...

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