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    • My Gateway at the University of Washington 

      Jordan, William (Information Technology and Libraries, 2000-12)
      Much of the content of the University of Washington Libraries' Information Gateway is generated from an SQL database extracted from the libraries' OPAC. The database, known locally as the Digital Registry, drives multiple ...
    • The North Carolina State University Libraries' Alt-Textbook Project: Open Education That Opens a Door to the Library 

      Alpi, Kristine; Cross, William; Raschke, Greg; Sullivan, Madison (ALA Editions, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2017)
    • Persona Development and Use, or, How to Make Imaginary People Work for You 

      Ward, Jennifer L. (2010-10)
      In the spring of 2009, the University of Washington (UW) Libraries User Experience (UX) Group embarked on a project to create personas, which are “detailed descriptions of imaginary people constructed out of well-understood, ...
    • Professional Training in License Term Mapping to ERM Systems 

      Davis, Trisha L.; Grover, Diane (Digital Library Federation, 2008-01)
      In 2006–2007, the DLF partnered with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) to develop and present several workshops for mapping license language to Electronic Resource Management systems. The following report reviews ...
    • Promoting sustainable research practices through effective data management curricula 

      Muilenburg, Jennifer (2015-03-28)
      Managing research data effectively is critical to producing high quality datasets that support data preservation, sharing, reuse, and reproducible research. Academic librarians are increasingly playing a role in providing ...
    • Public Health Outreach Forum: lessons learned 

      Rankin, J; Cahn, MA; Burroughs, CM; Alpi, KN; Zenan, JS; Rambo, N (Medical Library Association, 2001-10)
      The accompanying article in this report, ‘‘Public Health Outreach Forum: Report,’’ describes the planning process and the program that constituted a forum held at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) on April 4 to ...
    • Research 101 

      Holmes, John (University of Washington, 2005)
      Research 101 is an interactive online tutorial for students wanting an introduction to research skills. The tutorial covers the basics, including how to select a topic and develop research questions, as well as how to ...
    • SACO Participants' Manual 

      Schiff, Adam L. (Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, 2001)
      The SACO Participants' Manual provides easy-to-use guidance for libraries proposing new Library of Congress subject headings and LC classification numbers and for libraries submitting change proposals for existing subject ...
    • Science Experiments: Reaching Out to Our Users 

      Barrett, Laura; Nolan, Maureen; Parsons, Matthew; Tschirhart, Lori; Whang, Linda; Wright, Stephanie (2008-06-25)
      As we all know, it has become increasingly important for librarians to reach out to their user communities and promote the value of libraries. Convincing the faculty and students in the sciences of the value of libraries ...
    • Single vs. multiple records for remotely accessed electronic monographs : a CPC discussion paper 

      Hartnett, Cassandra; Schiff, Adam L.; Williams, Helene C.; Womble, Kathryn (University of Washington Libraries, 1998-04)
      At the October 1997 meeting of the Cataloging Policy Committee, a group was appointed to look into the issue of how to treat monographic titles appearing in a remotely accessed electronic form and in at least one other ...
    • Slavic and East European Web catalogs as a resource for catalogers 

      Brooking, Diana (Haworth Press, Inc., 2002)
      Today a Slavic cataloger faced with a puzzle can often see what their counterparts in Eastern Europe have done by looking at library catalogs now accessible over the World Wide Web.
    • Teaching Interdisciplinarity 

      Burgett, Bruce; Hillyard, Cinnamon; Krabill, Ron; Leadley, Sarah; Rosenberg, Becky (Duke University Press, 2011)
      This essay addresses the question of how to best teach interdisciplinarity through a detailed discussion of a common upper-division gateway course for multiple majors housed in an interdisciplinary studies unit. It argues ...
    • Teaching Meetings: Providing a Forum for Learning How to Teach 

      Leadley, Sarah (Emerald Insight, 1998)
      "In 1996, librarians at the University of Washington Bothell Library gathered together their teaching librarians and the director of the Writing Center and began meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues of teaching and ...
    • University of Washington Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project in DSpace 

      Forsythe, Kathleen; Grosenheider, Alan; Llona, Eileen; Ward, Jennifer L. (2004-09-02)
      Preliminary findings on the deployment of metadata for a project using DSpace at the University of Washington Libraries are presented. Problems encountered include mapping user-provided metadata for a domain-specific image ...
    • Unpacking Identity: Racial, Ethnic, and Professional Identity and Academic Librarians of Color 

      Tanaka, Azusa; Gonzalez-Smith, Isabel; Swanson, Juleah (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2014)
      The motivation for “Unpacking Identity: Racial, Ethnic and Professional Identity and Academic Librarians of Color” was the question of why in spite of evolving efforts, does racial and ethnic diversity among academic ...
    • Using active learning techniques to engage academic librarians in research data management 

      Lebow, Mahria; Muilenburg, Jennifer (2015-03-28)
      Using active learning techniques to engage academic librarians in research data management. Poster presented at ACRL 2015 in Portland, OR.
    • Visual Literacy Standards in Higher Education: New Opportunities for Libraries and Student Learning 

      Hattwig, Denise; Bussert, Kaila; Medaille, Ann; Burgess, Joanna (The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD 21218, 2013-01)
      Visual literacy is essential for 21st century learners. Across the higher education curriculum, students are being asked to use and produce images and visual media in their academic work, and they must be prepared to do ...
    • Watch and Learn: Assessment of Online Video Tutorials 

      Tawatao, Christine; Kern, Verletta; Lam, Nia; Chin Roemer, Robin (2014 Library Assessment Conference, 2014)
      In 2009, the University of Washington Libraries began producing online screencast tutorials as a way to support library instruction and to serve as point-of-need assistance in answering reference questions by email or chat ...
    • Website Redesign: The University of Washington Libraries’ Experience 

      Ward, Jennifer L. (Emerald Group Publishing, 2006)
      Purpose: This article is a case study of a large academic library’s website redesign, undertaken during the 2003-2004 academic year. Methodology: During the redesign process, numerous methods of eliciting user feedback ...
    • What's in a (Family) Name? DACS, LCSH, and Mixed-Standard Catalogs 

      Maguire, Marsha; Schiff, Adam L. (2006-06-30)
      The source code "dacs" was recently approved by the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office for use in MARC field 600, subfield ‡2. Catalogers who follow DACS (Describing Archives: A Content ...