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    • China Sourcebook: An Introduction to the Chinese Residential Construction and Building Materials Market 

      Robbins, Alicia; Boardman, Paul; Perez-Garcia, John; Braden, Rose (4/1/2004)
      China’s rapid economic development over the past two decades has dramatically changed its position in the world economy. China has emerged from virtual isolation to become the seventh largest trading nation and the sixth ...
    • Ecosystem Services Markets 

      Robbins, Alicia (2005-10-27)
      The term “ecosystem services” refers to indirect ecosystem functions such as water purification, flood control, carbon sequestration, climate regulation, and soil and nutrient cycling, as well as recreation or ...
    • Innovative Responses to the Forest Practices Permitting Process 

      Robbins, Alicia (2005-10-24)
      Partial Abstract: Several suggestions for easing the burden on small landowners are included and described in this paper. The first suggestion described is to extend the period of the permit from its current two years ...