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    • Monitoring Urban Streams: Strategies and Protocols 

      Scholz, Jenna; Booth, Derek (University of Washington Water Center, 2000-01)
      This fact sheet introduces monitoring strategies and protocols for urban stream management. The fact sheet presents an approach to crafting the most appropriate monitoring program across a variety of settings. Things to ...
    • Monitoring Urban Streams: Strategies and Protocols for Humid-Region Lowland Systems 

      Scholz, Jenna; Booth, Derek (Center for Urban Water Resources Management, 1999-01-01)
      Governmental mandates and public awareness have forced progressively smaller and less sophisticated agencies and organizations to initiate stream monitoring programs, particularly in urban and urbanizing areas. Yet many ...
    • Review of the TFW Monitoring Program: Watershed-Scale Monitoring Pilot Project (Draft) (Schuett-Hames, 1999) 

      Sibley, Thomas; Bolton, Susan; Conquest, Loveday; Edwards, Rick; Fox, Martin J.; Gove, Nancy; Mode, Nicolle; Montgomery, David R.; O'Neal, Jennifer; Scholz, Jenna; Wall, Leslie (University of Washington Water Center, 1999-07)
      Forested landscapes in Washington State are managed by a state forest practice management system that includes Washington forest practice rules, Watershed Analyses and landowner landscape plans. One objective of the ...