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    • Environmental Impacts of Mining in Eastern Washington 

      Peplow, Daniel (University of Washington Water Center, 1999-01)
      This fact sheet provides an overview of the environmental impacts of mining in Eastern Washington. These impacts include metal contamination of water supplies and biological hazards of mine waste contamination. The specific ...
    • Migrations of Salmon and Trout in Puget Sound: New Approaches to Old Questions 

      Quinn, Tom (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-02-18)
      The migrations of salmon and trout are an integral part of their basic biology and are also important for their conservation because migrations define critical habitat and control patterns of fishery exploitation. Decades ...
    • Watershed Review: v.1:no.4(2003:fall) 

      Center for Water & Watershed Studies (University of Washington Water Center, 2003)
      Articles include: King of Fish: the Thousand-Year Run of Salmon; Thesis and dissertation abstracts for: Characterizing Lowland Streams, Large Woody Debris in Natural Systems, Impacts of Road Crossings on Creeks, ...