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    • Efficacy and Safety of Reclaimed Water 

      Brown, Sally (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-17)
      Brown will present a plan to develop a reclaimed water program in King County. She will discuss average water use and precipitation statistics. Next, she will consider the wildlife impacts of conventional discharges. To ...
    • Fate of Personal Care Products and Pharmaceuticals and Growth Response for Reclaimed Water Irrigated Turf Grass 

      Devin-Clarke, Dana; Brown, Sally; Doubrava, Michael; Muramoto, Michael (University of Washington Water Center, 2008)
      Many pharmaceuticals and personal care products or PCPPs enter and leave wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) unaltered or incompletely removed and are subsequently released into the environment through wastewater outflows ...
    • The Role of Residuals from Water Treatment in Sustainability 

      Brown, Sally (University of Washington Water Center, 2008-05-27)
      Brown will present an overview of wastewater treatment. She will discuss the products of wastewater treatment: biosolids and reclaimed water. Next, she will outline the agricultural, bioenergy, and restoration and ...