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    • Headwater Stream Chemistry in Western Washington: 20 Years of Study 

      Edmonds, Robert (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-05-16)
      Edmonds will present an overview of headwater streams. He will discuss stream chemistry studies, including the effects of excess nitrogen inputs in the biogeochemical cycle. Next, he will describe in detail four stream ...
    • The Underpinnings of Riparian Tree Production 

      Naiman, Robert; Latterell, Joshua (University of Washington Water Center, 2007-02-14)
      Naiman and Latterell will discuss riparian biocomplexity. In particular, they will focus on the production dynamics of riparian trees, and possible drivers of tree production. They will conclude that effective management ...
    • Wet Tropics: the Paradox of Not Enough Water 

      Vogt, Kristiina (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-12-05)
      Vogt will discuss subtropical rainforests, using the Luquillo Experimental Forest of Puerto Rico as an example. The major disturbances of this forest are hurricanes and deforestation. Vogt will discuss the impact of ...