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    • Efficacy and Safety of Reclaimed Water 

      Brown, Sally (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-17)
      Brown will present a plan to develop a reclaimed water program in King County. She will discuss average water use and precipitation statistics. Next, she will consider the wildlife impacts of conventional discharges. To ...
    • The Fate of Onsite Septic System Nitrogen Discharges in Groundwater of the Hood Canal Basin 

      Horowitz, Julie (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-02-18)
      Nitrogen loading from onsite septic systems (OSSs) may degrade the ecological health of aquatic systems by causing or accentuating eutrophication leading to hypoxia or anoxia. OSSs do not typically remove nitrogen within ...
    • Fate of Personal Care Products and Pharmaceuticals and Growth Response for Reclaimed Water Irrigated Turf Grass 

      Devin-Clarke, Dana; Brown, Sally; Doubrava, Michael; Muramoto, Michael (University of Washington Water Center, 2008)
      Many pharmaceuticals and personal care products or PCPPs enter and leave wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) unaltered or incompletely removed and are subsequently released into the environment through wastewater outflows ...
    • Moving Beyond Minimal Treatment: King County's Brightwater Treatment Project 

      Hummel, Stan (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-05-11)
      King County is building the Brightwater project, which includes one of the largest membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plants in the world. MBR provides a higher level of treatment than standard secondary ...
    • Pilot Scale Constructed Wastewater Treatment Wetland 

      Jensen, Lenore (University of Washington Water Center, 2001-01)
      This fact sheet introduces the concept of artificially created wetlands, known as "constructed" or "treatment" wetlands, which are created as a method for treating wastewater. The technology, role of vegetation, and design ...
    • Reclaimed Water -- Is it Worth it? 

      Fox, Tom (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-10-31)
      Fox will discuss the following questions: 1. What is reclaimed water? 2. Why do we care? 3. What should we care about? He will ask: What problems are we trying to solve? Is the proposed solution the right one for the ...
    • Reclaiming the Water and Reclaimed Water's Part 

      Hirschey, Steve; Buscher, Mark (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-10-06)
      Steve Hirschey and Mark Buscher, both with King County, will provide an overview of reclaimed water: What it is and its benefits. They will describe where it is being produced and how it is being used locally. They will ...
    • The Role of Residuals from Water Treatment in Sustainability 

      Brown, Sally (University of Washington Water Center, 2008-05-27)
      Brown will present an overview of wastewater treatment. She will discuss the products of wastewater treatment: biosolids and reclaimed water. Next, she will outline the agricultural, bioenergy, and restoration and ...
    • Streamside Runoff: v.13:no.1(2001:winter/spring) 

      Center for Streamside Studies (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Return of the Salmon; Salmonid Movement through Culverts; Wastewater Treatment Wetland.
    • Washington Water Resource: v.11:no.3(2000:summer) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 2000)
      Articles include: Technology Review: Ultra-Urban Stormwater Treatment Technologies; A Survey of Ditches Along County Roads for their Potential to Affect Stormwater Runoff Water Quality; Fate and Transport of Nonpoint Source ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.12:no.[3](2001:summer) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Special Effects of Urbanization on Physical Conditions in Puget Sound Lowland Streams; Literature Review on Substances of Potential Concern in Reclaimed Water.
    • Washington Water Resource: v.13:no.2(2002:spring) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 2002)
      Articles include: Update of the Urban Issues Library; Evaluation of Factors Affecting Infiltration Pond Performance.
    • Washington Water Resource: v.9:no.1(1998:winter) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 1998)
      Articles include: New Report Explains the Biological Monitoring of Stream Health; Landslides in Puget Sound; Optimizing the Maintenance of Formal and Informal Water-Quality Facilities at the Urban Fringe; Conducting Watershed ...