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    • Eyes on Puget Sound: What are we Learning from Ocean Observing? 

      Devol, Allan; Newton, Jan (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-17)
      Devol and Newton will provide an overview of Puget Sound observation efforts. They will introduce Oceanic Remote Chemical-Opitcal Analyzer (ORCA) buoys. They will describe the results of several current observation programs: ...
    • Headwater Streams: How Much Protection Do They Need? 

      Edmonds, Robert (University of Washington Water Center, 2007-02-14)
      Edmonds will introduce the subject of headwater streams. He will review indicators of change. Next, he will describe two headwater studies in Washington State, and offer some concluding remarks.
    • Plume Soup: How a Dash of River Water Affects Washington's Coastal Ecosystem 

      Horner-Devine, Alex (University of Washington Water Center, 2008-02-14)
      Horner-Devine will present research investigating the impact of river water on biological productivity in the Pacific Ocean along the Washington-Oregon coast. River water contribution is approximately 0.02% of the shelf ...
    • Temporal Variation in River Nutrient Concentrations and the Impact of Storm Runoff on Hood Canal 

      Ward, Nick (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-17)
      A year-long data set measuring dissolved nutrient, particulate nutrient, and dissolved lignin phenol concentrations in several temperate Pacific Northwest rivers, shows a strong correlation between river discharge rates ...