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Human Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding Geoduck Aquaculture in Puget Sound, Washington: A Q Methodology Approach

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dc.contributor.advisor Miller, Marc L en_US Rudell, Paul Nielson en_US 2012-09-13T17:38:16Z 2013-09-14T11:05:26Z 2012-09-13 2012 en_US
dc.identifier.other Rudell_washington_0250O_10229.pdf en_US
dc.description Thesis (Master's)--University of Washington, 2012 en_US
dc.description.abstract Geoduck (<italic>Panopea generosa</italic>) clam aquaculture on Washington State tidelands is causing disagreement and debate among coastal stakeholders. This study uses Q methodology to investigate the subjective perceptions and attitudes of 36 coastal stakeholders involved in the geoduck aquaculture debate and to identify central issues. A total of 1,338 potential Q statements were generated resulting in a set of 55 Q statements that were chosen to represent the full range of viewpoints. Analysis discovered two social perspectives held by participants, emphasized areas of consensus and disagreement and identified four highly contentious issues. Those following Perspective 1 generally thought favorably about the potential growth of geoduck culture and included participants identified as managers, academic scientists, shellfish growers, tribal members, and students. Those following Perspective 2 were generally against further development of geoduck culture and included waterfront landowners and non-governmental organizations. This study demonstrates the ability of Q methodology to provide framework and structure to the geoduck aquaculture debate, and highlight promising areas to be addressed by research and outreach. en_US
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.rights Copyright is held by the individual authors. en_US
dc.subject aquaculture; geoduck; Q Methodology; social perspectives; sustainability en_US
dc.subject.other Social research en_US
dc.subject.other Natural resource management en_US
dc.subject.other Sustainability en_US
dc.subject.other Marine affairs en_US
dc.title Human Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding Geoduck Aquaculture in Puget Sound, Washington: A Q Methodology Approach en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.embargo.terms Delay release for 1 year -- then make Open Access en_US

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