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    • 3-connected configurations (n3) with no Hamiltonian circuit 

      Grünbaum, Branko (2006)
      For more than a century there have been examples of (n3) configurations without a Hamiltonian circuit. However, all these examples were only 2-connected. It has been believed that all geometric 3-connected configurations ...
    • Configurations of points and lines 

      Grünbaum, Branko (2005)
      A vigorous study of geometric configurations started in the 1870's but was essentially abandoned early in the twentieth century. New approaches found during the last two decades prompted a renewed interest in the topic, ...
    • Small triangle-free configurations of points and lines 

      Boben, Marko; Grünbaum, Branko; Pisanski, Tomaz; Zitnik, Arjana (2006)
      In this paper we show that all combinatorial triangle-free configurations (v_3) for v (is less than or equal to) 8 are geometrically realizable. We also show that there is a unique smallest astral (18_3) triangle-free ...