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    • 2-D Brownian motion in a system of traps: Application of conformal transformations 

      Burdzy, Krzysztof; Holyst, Robert; Salisbury, Thomas S. (Institute of Physics, 1992)
      We study two-dimensional Brownian motion in a periodic system of traps using conformal transformations. The system is periodic in the x and y directions. We calculate the ratio of the drift along the y-axis to the drift ...
    • On minimal parabolic functions and time-homogenous parabolic h-transforms 

      Burdzy, Krzysztof; Salisbury, Thomas S. (American Mathematical Society, 1999-03-29)
      Does a minimal harmonic function h remain minimal when it is viewed as a parabolic function? The question is answered for a class of long thin semi-infinite tubes D [is an element of the subset of real numbers to the power ...