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    • 1988 Uprising 

      Unknown author (1988)
      Newspaper articles from the 1988 uprisings in Burma.
    • 328 Thad Din Sin 

      Unknown author (1988)
    • An account of the beginning of the Burma R.N.V.R. and its activities during the war. 

      Lyle, Captain Kenneth S. (Royal Navy, 1947)
      History of the Burmese Navy during the colonial period
    • Analysis of Demonitization 

      Unknown author (Communist Party of Burma, 1987)
      In Burmese
    • Article about Burma 

      Unknown author (Rudé Právo, 1953)
      Map of Burma, zakreslenim area with kuomintanských band operations.
    • Atein Amaq Magazine 

      Unknown author (Communist Party of Burma, 1984)
    • Basic Burmese Reader 

      Unknown author (Communist Party of Burma, 1980)
      Education Material, Basic Level Reader
    • Building Red Power ala Peking Returnees 

      Khaing, Yebaw Aung (The Guardian, 1968)
      The Pegu Yoma Region, of the Communist Party of Burma embraces five Districts, namely Pegu, Toungoo, Tharrawaddy, Prome and Thayetmyo Districts.
    • Burma in Battle 

      Latt, Min (Communist Party of Burma, 1985)
      Communist Party of Burma's History of Burma
    • Burma jojujici 

      Latt, Minn (Li Do Ve Noving ("People's Newspaper"), 1951)
    • Burma Religion Papers 

      Unknown author (1990)
      A collection of interviews, articles and clippings, about Burmese Religion in the early 1990s
    • The Burma Road: A Book Proposal 

      Law-Yone, Wendy (1980)
      Using the Burma Road and its colorful history as a backdrop, I intend a book of some 350-400 pages, with photographs, which surveys the Burma road in another, wider context. I mean the road taken by Burma since its ...
    • Burma's Military and the Construction of a Despotic Order: A Master's Thesis Proposal and Outline 

      Yawnghwe, Chao-Tzang (1989)
      Burma has been neglected by the outside world for quite some time, and as a result, the awareness and knowledge of its political system and politics is scanty, and worse, out-dated and marred by stereotyped images. For ...
    • The Burman Military: Holding the Country Together? 

      Yawnghwe, Chao-Tzang (1988)
      On March 2, 1962, the Burma Army under General Ne Win staged a coup. The principal reason given for this act was that the Union was endangered, hence forcing the military to act in order to "keep the country together". The ...
    • The Burmese Army, A Profile 

      Lintner, Bertil (1987)
      Short Summary of Armed Groups in Burma, circa 1987. Includes descriptions of Army, Navy, and Air Force troops, plus para-military forces and warlord army.
    • Burmese military document 

      Unknown author (Loikaw, Karenni State, 1991)
      Burmese military document about insurgent activity in Eastern Burma. In Burmese
    • The Calcutta Conference and the Southeast Asia Uprising 

      McVey, Ruth T. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1958)
      The Calcutta Conference of February 1948, has been the subject of a great deal of conjecture and very little scholarship. A number of writers, on the basis of the rather meagre knowledge available to them concerning ...
    • Communism in India 

      Overstreet, Gene D. (1959)
      Pages 265-275, excerpt on the Communist Part of India
    • Communist Manifesto 

      Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich (Communist Party of Burma, 1977)
      Translation of Communist Manifesto into Burmese.
    • Communist Party of Burma Documents 

      Unknown author (1963)
      Pamphlets published by the Communist Party of Burma