Recent Submissions

  • SS. Mary and Dominic (Ayia Paraskevi) The unique, unaltered 13th century Dominican priory church in Negropont 

    MacKAY, Pierre A.; MacKAY, Pierre A. (2014-04-22)
    The Dominican House of Negropont was authorized with that of Thebes in 1249, as the first in the Province of Greece. It was begun almost immediately, and the Priory church survives, almost unaltered, as the present day ...
  • Evliya in the Corinthia -Draft- 

    MacKAY, Pierre A. (2014-04-21)
    This is a draft part of an ongoing translation into English of part of Book VIII of the Seyahatname of Evliya Celebi. The translation is done directly from Evliya's manuscript, with aid from the YKY transcription into ...
  • The Angiolello Manuscript and other Contemporary Sources, Maps and Views of the fortress of Negropont 

    MacKAY, Pierre A. (2014-04-10)
    This chapter sums up and evaluates the trustworthy and also the fraudulent or careless sources for the fall of Negropont in 1470 and for Angiolello's career in the Ottoman court during the following years.
  • The Content and Authorship of the Historia Turchesca 

    MacKAY, Pierre A. (2003-05-31)
    On the basis of two passages in the Historica Turchesca, where Angiolello seems to be quoting his own words, this work has often been ascribed to him. Although he is extensively quoted by the actual (and unknown) author, ...
  • Mediaeval Negropont 

    MacKAY, Pierre A. (2014-02-15)
    This map is based on archival and narrative evidence from antiquity through the end of the middle ages. It also incorporates all documented geological features of the area. It succeeds and replaces several earlier attempts ...
  • The Euripus bridge, the castrum pontis, and the Seyahatname of Evliya Çelebi 

    MacKAY, Pierre A. (2013-08-17)
    A story in the Seyahatname of Evliya Celebi provides important new information about the shipping through the Euripus channel in both the Venetian and Ottoman periods. This paper reviews the evidence for the Euripus channel ...
  • The Dieci Call for Maps, 1460 

    MacKAY, Pierre A. (2013-08-11)
    In 1460, the Council of Ten in Venice called for detailed maps of the environment of each fortress in their empire. A map of Negropont engraved in 1571 appears to be based on one of the 1460 maps.