Recent Submissions

  • Perception and timing of acoustic distance 

    Kelley, Matthew C.; Tucker, Benjamin V. (2022-05-26)
    The notion of acoustic distance figures into many aspects of phonetics, including phonological neighborhoods. A measurement of word-level acoustic distance useful for cognitive modeling must account for two listener ...

    Bender, Emily M.; Howell, Kristen; Xia, Fei; Zamaraeva, Olga; Goodman, Michael Wayne; Crowgey, Joshua; Packard, Woodley; Lockwood, Michael Wayne; Lepp, Haley; Ramaswamy, Swetha; Bateman, Emma; Heath, Jeff; Inman, David; Burrel, Alex; Zhang, Claude; Flickinger, Dan; Oepen, Stephan; Drellishak, Scott; Poulson, Laurie; O'Hara, Kelly; Fokkens, Antske; Hou, Joshua; Mills, Daniel P.; Song, Sanghoun; Halgrim, Scott; Wax, David; Gracheva, Varya; Trimble, TJ; Curtis, Chris; Dermer, Laurie; Haeger, Mike; Nielsen, Elizabeth; Nordlinger, Rachel (2020)
    The AGGREGATION Project aims to bring the benefits of grammar engineering to language documentation without requiring field linguists to become grammar engineers. We achieve this by automatically creating precision grammars ...
  • Separating segmental and prosodic contributions to intelligibility 

    McCloy, Daniel Robert (2013-09)
    It is well known that the intelligibility of speech can vary both across individuals within styles or tasks, and within individuals across styles or tasks. Various properties of the speech signal have been shown to correlate ...
  • Corpus-based productivity measures of English -er agentives and instrumentals 

    McCloy, Daniel Robert (University of Washington, 2013)
    This paper investigates the claim that agentive and instrumental forms of English “-er”morpheme show differing productivity (a claim due to Derwing 1976). An attempt is made to replicate Derwing’s findings using modern ...
  • Modelling talker intelligibility variation in a dialect-controlled corpus 

    McCloy, Daniel Robert; Wright, Richard A.; McGrath, August T. D. (2012)
    In a newly created corpus of 3600 read sentences (20 talkers x 180 sentences), considerable variability in talker intelligibility has been found. This variability occurs despite rigorous attempts to ensure uniformity, ...
  • Vowel laxing in Indonesian as a test case for interaction of morphological and syllabic structure 

    McCloy, Daniel Robert (2011-05)
    Lax (also known as, centralized) vowel allophones are attested in Indonesian for non‐low vowels in closed syllables [e.g., Sneddon (1996)]. In consonant‐final stems with vowel‐initial suffixes (ke+apik+an), phonological ...
  • The semantics of implicitly relational predicates 

    McCloy, Daniel Robert (Simon Fraser University, 2010)
  • Revisiting population size vs. phoneme inventory size 

    Moran, Steven; McCloy, Daniel Robert; Wright, Richard A. (Linguistic Society of America, 2012-12)
    In this paper we argue against the findings presented in Hay & Bauer 2007, which show a positive correlation between population size and phoneme inventory size. We argue that the positive correlation is an artifact of the ...