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    • Climate Justice Zine Fall 2020. Change is possible if we all work together. 

      Community Reads, UW Bothell/Cascadia College Library (2020)
      The UW Bothell/Cascadia College Library's Community Reads program facilitates learning opportunities around a common annual theme and encourages participation through creative expression and zine-making. This zine was ...
    • Cultural competency on campus: Applying ACRL’s Diversity Standards 

      Watson, Megan; Mills, Shardé; Ellenwood, Dave; Garrard, Tami; Ferguson, Emily; Lazzaro, Althea (College & Research Libraries News, 2014-06)
      The ACRL Diversity Committee released the "Diversity Standards: Cultural Competency for Academic Libraries" in 2012. With strong support from our administration and clear guidelines from the standards, the University of ...
    • Developing a Collaborative Faculty-Librarian Information Literacy Assessment Project 

      Belanger, Jackie; Bliquez, Rebecca; Mondal, Sharleen (Emerald Publishing Library Review, 2012)
      Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe the process of developing an information literacy assessment project, and to discuss key findings from the project. Design/methodology/approach – A variety of assessment ...
    • Fresh Techniques: Getting ready to use hip hop in the classroom 

      Rowland, Danielle (2016)
      A workbook-style reflection exercise prompts readers to consider potential uses of hip-hop in their own library instruction in a culturally responsive manner.
    • Fresh Techniques: Hip Hop and Library Research 

      Berger, Alyssa; Ellenwood, Dave (ACRL Publications, 2016)
      This chapter describes two classroom activities that use hip hop to teach information literacy concepts, including evaluating and using background information and primary sources. The activities draw on critical pedagogy ...
    • Starting Small Practicing Critical Pedagogy through Collective Conversation 

      Watson, Megan; Ellenwood, Dave (ACRL, 2016)
    • Teaching Interdisciplinarity 

      Burgett, Bruce; Hillyard, Cinnamon; Krabill, Ron; Leadley, Sarah; Rosenberg, Becky (Duke University Press, 2011)
      This essay addresses the question of how to best teach interdisciplinarity through a detailed discussion of a common upper-division gateway course for multiple majors housed in an interdisciplinary studies unit. It argues ...
    • Teaching Meetings: Providing a Forum for Learning How to Teach 

      Leadley, Sarah (Emerald Insight, 1998)
      "In 1996, librarians at the University of Washington Bothell Library gathered together their teaching librarians and the director of the Writing Center and began meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues of teaching and ...
    • Visual Literacy Standards in Higher Education: New Opportunities for Libraries and Student Learning 

      Hattwig, Denise; Bussert, Kaila; Medaille, Ann; Burgess, Joanna (The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD 21218, 2013-01)
      Visual literacy is essential for 21st century learners. Across the higher education curriculum, students are being asked to use and produce images and visual media in their academic work, and they must be prepared to do ...