Recent Submissions

  • Using wastewater-based epidemiology to estimate drug consumption--Statistical analyses and data presentation 

    Banta-Green, Caleb; Brewer, Alex; Ort, Christoph; Helsel, Dennis; Williams, Jason; Field, Jennifer (Elsevier, 2016-10-15)
    Aim Analysis of wastewater samples can be used to assess population drug use, but reporting and statistical issues have limited the utility of the approach for epidemiology due to analytical results that are below the ...
  • Using e-technologies in clinical trials. 

    Rosa, Carmen; Campbell, Aimee N. C.; Miele, Gloria M.; Brunner, Meg; Winstanley, Erin L. (Contemporary Clinical Trials, 2015)
    Clinical trials have been slow to incorporate e-technology (digital and electronic technology that utilizes mobile devices or the Internet) into the design and execution of studies. In the meantime, individuals and ...