Recent Submissions

  • the corridor closes at both ends 

    middleton, dana
    the corridor closes at both ends is a poetry collection that explores control and confinement through personal experiences of queerness, gender nonconformity and prison visits within the frame of Northpointe’s COMPAS ...
  • Pterratactile 

    Buller, Peter
    We often consider poetry for its sounds and images, and yet our lives and poetic practice depend on somatic mediums for their production. What does it mean for poetry to be something you feel and hold as much as see and ...
  • mung 

    Bae, Woogee
    This is an address of love. And the failed language that follows. Situated within spaces of waste and decay, the poems attempt to resurface buried or forgotten events, fragmented memories, in hopes of extending care to ...
  • North of Nothing 

    BonnLuders, Aya Bram
    North of Nothing was sown in a psychiatry hospital unit as scribbles/seeds in a notebook, germinated into cotton, spun into fibers, woven into poetry, and finally sewn into a quilt. It is an exploration of and a meditation ...
  • The Summer Years 

    Lowell, Reed
    Peace, love, and music--Woodstock is on the horizon, but for Jack Evermore, the question is, "Which one?" In the wake of a botched bank robbery resulting in the death of his beloved, J., Jack finds that Time itself has ...
  • Fountain; fragments and remains: an journal/essay of things orr Nude Descending a Staircase N°2; fragments and remains: a long form poem 

    Mosman Sinclair, William Sean
    What Fountain wants here is to be both signal and noise at the same time, so that the signal is noise and the noise signal, in a constant feedback loop (both negative and positive, destructive and constructive) refusing ...
  • AOTA all of the above 

    Jones, Amy
    How is meaning made out of pain? How do you work through and alongside trauma and grief? What grows within a void? Questions of the self and its multiplicity, arranging and rearranging our lives and experiences through ...
  • Practice 

    Eom, Taesung
    Practice is that fight to mediate the reality of the world we live in and the world inside us. Tommy Lee is a semi-autobiographical story. Enjoy.
  • —WEYOUI— 

    Babb, Jacquelyn
    [artist statement] WEYOUI want for words words written/uttered by others words forged/apparating in our own minds/mouths words clutched carefully/vehemently to validate, to soothe, to encourage words connecting us across ...
  • Unloader: How Wal-Mart Saved My Life 

    Griggs, Donna Lynne
    Unloader: How Wal-Mart Saved My Life is a self-reflective journey through loss, trauma, identity, and the significance of self-worth. This revealing memoir challenges the definitions of love and family as it expounds the ...
  • A Perfect Circle Rimmed With Gold 

    Siciliano, Samantha
    In Virginia Woolf’s essay on the Victorian phantom known as the Angel in the House (borrowed from Coventry Patmore’s poem celebrating domestic bliss) she wrote, “It is far harder to kill a phantom than a reality.” A Perfect ...
  • Unbound 

    Cortez, Cristina
    In the process of writing this memoir, I engaged with the following questions: How did the perceptions of family members, friends, and teachers, shape my earliest self-perceptions? 2. How did these points of view help or ...
  • The Streets Around Here Tell You Exactly Where You Are 

    Hogan, Dylan
    This is a series of reflections on pain, meaning making, memory, the body, and God. Through an exploration of significant personal encounter and the ways it intersects with global or distant calamity, I ask questions about ...
  • To the Moon I go and Other Stories 

    Nair, Subha Purushothaman
    What an astronomer or a physicist imagines is not what an astronaut or a spacecraft finds. All prominent astronomers including Aryabhata, Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo were astrologers too as at the time, astrology was a ...
  • Blueprint 

    Treado, Jennifer
    Blueprint is a set of 57 cards comprised of four different writing forms/constraints (erasure poetry, micro essay, short story, and freewriting) inspired by the author’s original Tarot deck. These 57 cards, their faces a ...
  • Black Lake 

    Lybeck, Amanda
    Black Lake lives as a creative non-fiction essay, chapbook of poetry and video installation art piece, meditating on grief, loss, and the tenth anniversary of my father’s suicide. Born from a collection of poems, the works ...
  • Near Before and After 

    Oppegard, Katelyn
    How can you live in the present when the present is dead? Often travel writing centers itself around the belief that positioning yourself in foreign environments is the disconnect necessary to connect—connect with the ...
  • Soul of Zelda: A Memoir of an Ephemeral Being 

    Kopitch, Mitchell
    Hybrid document of memoir and fiction concerning fantasy, video games, and the ways in which game design nuance can be found in every day life. Particular attention is put on The Legend of Zelda from 1986, the first 3D ...
  • Excerpt from the Dakopeta Project 

    McCarthy, Thomas
    The following Excerpt from the Dakopeta Project is a purely auditory experience for reasons that are further gone into in the project’s Statement of Work on the following pages. What the whole project attempts to achieve, ...
  • A Nursery Rhyme from Another Summer 

    Thorlin, September Leigh
    Abstract: This thesis was written as an experimental memoir on abuse and recovery. It explores these topics through poetry, prose, and experimental non-fiction.

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