Tidally-forced flow variability within mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems : models and measurement techniques.

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Tidally-forced flow variability within mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems : models and measurement techniques.

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Title: Tidally-forced flow variability within mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems : models and measurement techniques.
Author: Crone, Timothy J.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1773/3231

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FREQFREQ.EPS 827.7Kb Postscript View/Open
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HOVMETRI.EPS 525.4Kb Postscript View/Open
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HOVSLOPE.EPS 922.8Kb Postscript View/Open
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LOADINGE.EPS 921.7Kb Postscript View/Open
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MODELGEO.EPS 662.0Kb Postscript View/Open
MODELGEO.PDF 212.3Kb PDF View/Open
NORMPROB.EPS 486.8Kb Postscript View/Open
NORMPROB.PDF 131.1Kb PDF View/Open
NOZZLE.EPS 2.304Mb Postscript View/Open
NOZZLE.PDF 246.1Kb PDF View/Open
NYQUISTF.EPS 524.6Kb Postscript View/Open
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PATHLENG.EPS 583.8Kb Postscript View/Open
PATHLENG.PDF 175.8Kb PDF View/Open
PENDEPTH.EPS 656.5Kb Postscript View/Open
PENDEPTH.PDF 192.6Kb PDF View/Open
PHIGHTID.EPS 801.7Kb Postscript View/Open
PHIGHTID.PDF 214.2Kb PDF View/Open
PLUMEIMA.EPS 832.6Kb Postscript View/Open
PLUMEIMA.PDF 260.8Kb PDF View/Open
PTIMESER.EPS 891.2Kb Postscript View/Open
PTIMESER.PDF 252.0Kb PDF View/Open
QZPHASEL.EPS 651.1Kb Postscript View/Open
QZPHASEL.PDF 168.4Kb PDF View/Open
QZTOPRAN.EPS 575.2Kb Postscript View/Open
QZTOPRAN.PDF 171.4Kb PDF View/Open
README 1.709Kb Unknown View/Open
RELATIVE.EPS 443.2Kb Postscript View/Open
RELATIVE.PDF 151.7Kb PDF View/Open
SPACEMET.EPS 531.5Kb Postscript View/Open
SPACEMET.PDF 147.4Kb PDF View/Open
SPECTROG.EPS 12.14Mb Postscript View/Open
SPECTROG.PDF 3.185Mb PDF View/Open
STDMEAN.EPS 593.2Kb Postscript View/Open
STDMEAN.PDF 175.9Kb PDF View/Open
STEADYST.EPS 1.096Mb Postscript View/Open
STEADYST.PDF 315.4Kb PDF View/Open
TANKPLUM.EPS 11.65Mb Postscript View/Open
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TAYLORSC.EPS 552.6Kb Postscript View/Open
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THESIS.AUX 12.19Kb Unknown View/Open
THESIS.BBL 37.19Kb Unknown View/Open
THESIS.BLG 1.201Kb Unknown View/Open
THESIS.LOF 4.985Kb Unknown View/Open
THESIS.LOG 17.92Kb Unknown View/Open
THESIS.LOT 1.195Kb Unknown View/Open
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THESIS.TEX 7.375Kb TeX View/Open
THESIS.TOC 5.405Kb Unknown View/Open
THESIS_1.TEX 0bytes TeX View/Open
TIMEMETR.EPS 531.7Kb Postscript View/Open
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TTIMESER.EPS 462.8Kb Postscript View/Open
TTIMESER.PDF 159.5Kb PDF View/Open
UWTHESIS.CLS 26.47Kb Unknown View/Open
_DS_STOR 6.003Kb Unknown View/Open
_DS_STOR_1 6.003Kb Unknown View/Open
_DS_STOR_2 6.003Kb Unknown View/Open
_DS_STOR_3 15.00Kb Unknown View/Open
_DS_STOR_4 6.003Kb Unknown View/Open

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