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  • Fragmentation of protoplanetary disks around M-Dwarfs 

    Backus, Isaac; Quinn, Thomas (2016)
    We investigate planet formation via gravitational instabilities (GI) and protoplanetary disk (PPD) fragmentation around M-Dwarfs. We present the results of a suite of some 70 SPH simulations, with 10^6-particles, of gaseous ...
  • Detection of Ocean Glint and Ozone Absorption Using LCROSS Earth Observations 

    Robinson, Tyler, D.; Ennico, Kimberly; Meadows, Victoria, S.; Sparks, William; Bussey, D. Ben J.; Schwieterman, Edward, W.; Breiner, Jonathan (IOPscience, 2014-05-15)
    The Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) observed the distant Earth on three occasions in 2009. These data span a range of phase angles, including a rare crescent phase view. For each epoch, the satellite ...
  • Nonphotosynthetic Pigments as Potential Biosignatures 

    Schwieterman, Edward, W.; Cockell, Charles, S.; Meadows, Victoria, S. (Elsevier, 2015-05-05)
    Previous work on possible surface reflectance biosignatures for Earth-like planets has typically focused on analogues to spectral features produced by photosynthetic organisms on Earth, such as the vegetation red edge. ...
  • Detecting and Constraining N2 Abundances in Planetary Atmospheres Using Collisional Pairs 

    Schwieterman, Edward; Robinson, Tyler, D.; Meadows, Victoria, S.; Misra, Amit; Domagal-Goldman, Shawn (IOPscience, 2015-08-28)
    Characterizing the bulk atmosphere of a terrestrial planet is important for determining surface pressure and potential habitability. Molecular nitrogen (N2) constitutes the largest fraction of Earth's atmosphere and is ...
  • Synchronous in-field application of life-detection techniques in planetary analog missions 

    Amador, Elena; Cable, Morgan; Chaudry, Nosheen; Cullen, Thomas; Gentry, Diana; Jacobsen, Malene; Murukesan, Gayathri; Schwieterman, Edward; Stevens, Adam; Stockton, Amanda; Yin, Chang; Cullen, David; Geppert, Wolf (Elsevier, 2015-02)
    Field expeditions that simulate the operations of robotic planetary exploration missions at analog sites on Earth can help establish best practices and are therefore a positive contribution to the planetary exploration ...