Recent Submissions

  • Wave generation of gravity-driven sediment flows on a predominantly sandy seabed 

    Flores Audibert, Raul; Rijnsburger, Sabine; Meirelles, Saulo; Horner-Devine, Alexander; Souza, Alejandro; Pietrzak, Julie; Henriquez, Martijn; Reniers, Ad (2018)
    Wave-supported gravity flows (WSGF) generate rates of sediment flux far exceeding other cross-shelf transport processes, contributing disproportionately to shelf morphology and net cross-shelf fluxes of sediment in many ...
  • Lobe-Cleft Instabilities on a river plume front 

    Horner-Devine, Alexander; Chickadel, Chris (2016-05-12)
    These data accompany a paper submitted to Geophysical Research Letters. The abstract is below. Gravity currents represent a broad class of geophysical flows including turbidity currents, powder avalanches, pyroclastic ...
  • Wave-Supported Gravity Currents Project: Experimental data from UW Sediment-Wave tank. Zero slope 

    Hooshmand, Abbas; Horner-Devine, Alexander (2015-03-01)
    Paper abstract: We present results from laboratory experiments in a wave flume with and without a sediment bed to investigate the turbulent structure and sediment dynamics of wave-supported mud layers. The presence of ...