The diary images we are working with consist of three types: three diaries copied for us, under difficult circumstances, by staff of the National Manuscript Center of Iraq; a group of original diaries found among the papers of Margaret Makiya and loaned to us for digitizing by the Makiya family; and 31 transcriptions of JMS diaries made by Mrs. Makiya in the 1970s (from originals that we hope are still held by the National Manuscript Center in Baghdad).

Our project is now engaged in preparing for publication a portion of the diaries kept by Joseph Mathia Svoboda from about 1861-62 to 1908. We have made digital copies of 15 diaries held by the Makiya family and have digital images of unpublished transcriptions of 31 other Joseph Mathia diaries made by Margaret Makiya during the 1970s. The original diaries from which Mrs. Makiya made her transcriptions are located in the National Manuscript Center in Baghdad but have been unavailable to us because of inventory work being done at the Center.

Our thanks also goes to Kanan Makiya and his mother Margaret Makiya for sharing Mrs. Makiya's transcriptions of the Joseph Mathia Svoboda Diaries and allowing us to digitize ten J. M. Svoboda diaries which they rescued from Iraq.


We're proud to announce that the Svoboda Diaries Project has just received a Library Acquisitions Grant from the Institute of Turkish Studies. The Project will be using the grant to digitize and archive materials from the Margaret Makiya collection. We're very grateful to the Institute for recognizing the value of the project, and for choosing to fund a digital project for this grant. The scope of a library is changing and we're excited to be at the forefront of that change!

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