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    • The Cascade Agenda -- an Uplands Strategy for Saving Puget Sound 

      Stonington, Dan (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-01-19)
      In 2005, Cascade Land Conservancy developed The Cascade Agenda, a bold, long-term vision for conservation and smart growth in the Puget Sound region that brings together business, civic and government leaders to accomplish ...
    • Improving Floodplain Management: Implications for Salmon, Public Safety, and Global Warming 

      Siemann, Dan; Kirkpatrick, DeeAnn (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-02)
      Current floodplain management policies in Puget Sound have led to significant development in floodplains, loss of aquatic and riparian habitat, and diminished floodplain function. The consequences include costly floods, ...
    • Place Matters: Where Conifers Succeed on River Flood Plains in Olympic National Park 

      Stolnack, Scott (University of Washington Water Center, 2007-02-14)
      Stolnack will ask the question: why do we care about conifers in riparian areas? He will present field work in Olympic National Park. Finally, he will make the connections to riparian restoration and management.
    • A Rapid Land Cover Classification Method for Use in Urban Watershed Analysis 

      Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Hill, Kristina; Botsford, Erik; Booth, Derek B. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2003-03)
      Because of the profound effect of urban development on aquatic systems, characterizing the land cover of a region is critical for a variety of resource management applications. In the Pacific Northwest, this characterization ...
    • Reenvisioning Water Jurisdictions and Value in Our Puget Sound Watersheds 

      Batker, David (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-02-24)
      Batker will discuss the social benefits of water in the Puget Sound. He will set the stage by reviewing economic background conditions, and then move on to propose a new way of considering ecological economics in this ...
    • Regional Planning, Policy, and Floodplain Science Introduction 

      Kaje, Janne; Wait, Micah (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-04-13)
      Janne Kaje will provide a brief introduction to the three-week series on salmon recovery planning, policy, science and implementation. The setting for the series is the Snoqualmie Watershed in eastern King County, where ...