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    • Climate and the Future of Water Resources in the Northwest 

      Mote, Philip (University of Washington Water Center, 2005-02-17)
      Mote will consider the roles and behavior of temperature and precipitation on stream flow. He will conclude that warming shifts flow from summer to winter, and that warming will continue, although the effect on precipiation ...
    • Hydrologic Changes in the Western United States from 1916-2003 

      Hamlet, Alan (University of Washington Water Center, 2005-02-17)
      Hamlet will provide an overview of hydrologic changes in the Western United States from 1916-2003. He will consider snowpack, water supply, temperature, precipitation, seasonal water balance, runoff, and soil moisture. He ...
    • Landscape System Response Under a Changing Climate 

      Istanbulluoglu, Erkan (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-23)
      In this talk, Dr. Istanbulluoglu will: 1. Examine the effect of climate and "nature's engine" on resource/water management, impacting recreation, clean water, ecosystem, natural hazards, and irrigation. 2. Consider ...
    • Living with Limits: Climate, Water, Salmon, and Sustainability in the Pacific Northwest 

      Miles, Edward (University of Washington Water Center, 2007-02-17)
      Miles will provide an overview of climate variability as a baseline for projecting climate change. He will then present various climate change scenarios. He will outline hydrologic impacts, including snowpack, snowmelt, ...
    • Trees and Snow in Seattle's Cedar River Watershed: Can Silviculture Help Combat Climate Change? 

      Lundquist, Jessica (University of Washington Water Center, 2010-02-17)
      Lundquist will provide a brief history of the Cedar River watershed. She will consider how climate change is likely to affect the watershed. Next, she will present an overview of interactions between trees and snow. She ...
    • Valley-Scale Landscape Structure as a Component of Hydrologic Response in Complex Mountain Basins 

      Weekes, Anne (University of Washington Water Center, 2005-02-17)
      Weekes will describe her research into the underlying landscape structure and its effects on the hydrologic regime of mountain watersheds. She will provide context, outline her research design, and present results and conclusions.
    • Washington's Water Resources in a Changing Climate 

      Lettenmaier, Dennis (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-02-18)
      On April 20, 2007, the Washington State Legislature mandated the preparation of a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of climate change on the State of Washington. The assessment was to be focused on the impacts of ...