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    • The coastal environment and human health: microbial indicators, pathogens, sentinels and reservoirs 

      Stewart, Jill R.; Gast, Rebecca J.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Solo-Gabriele, Helena M.; Meschke, Scott; Amaral-Zeettler, Linda A.; del Castillo, Erika; Polz, Martin F.; Collier, Tracy K.; Strom, Mark S.; Sinigalliano, Christopher D.; Moeller, Peter D. R.; Holland, A. Fredrick (2008)
      Innovative research relating oceans and human health is advancing our understanding of diseasecausing organisms in coastal ecosystems. Novel techniques are elucidating the loading, transport and fate of pathogens in coastal ...
    • Linking the oceans to public health: current efforts and future directions 

      Kite-Powell, Hauke L.; Fleming, Lora E.; Backer, Lorraine C.; Faustman, Elaine M.; Hoagland, Porter; Tsuchiya, Ami; Younglove, Lisa R.; Wilcox, Bruce A.; Gast, Rebecca J. (2008)
      We review the major linkages between the oceans and public health, focusing on exposures and potential health effects due to anthropogenic and natural factors including: harmful algal blooms, microbes, and chemical pollutants ...