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    • A community study of the effect of particulate matter on blood measures of inflammation and thrombosis in an elderly population 

      Sullivan, Jeffrey H.; Hubbard, Rebecca; Liy, Sally-L-J; Shepherd, Kristin; Trenga, Carol A.; Koenig, Jane Q.; Chandler, Wayne L.; Kaufman, Joel D. (2007)
      Background: The mechanism behind the triggering effect of fine particulate matter (PM) air pollution on cardiovascular events remains elusive. We postulated that elevated levels of PM would be associated with increased ...
    • Diesel Exhaust Inhalation Elicits Acute Vasoconstriction in Vivo 

      Peretz, Alon; Sullivan, Jeffrey H.; Leotta, Daniel F.; Trenga, Carol A.; Sands, Fiona F.; Allen, Jason; Carlsten, Chris; Wilkinson, Charles W.; Gill, Edward A.; Kaufman, Joel D. (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2008-07-07)
      BACKGROUND: Traffic-related air pollution is consistently associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Recent human and animal studies suggest that exposure to air pollutants affects vascular function. Diesel ...
    • Flow mediated dilation of the brachial artery: an investigation of methods requiring further standardization 

      Peretz, Alon; Leotta, Daniel F.; Sullivan, Jeffrey H.; Trenga, Carol A.; Sands, Fiona N.; Aulet, Mary R.; Paun, Marla; Gill, Edward A.; Kaufman, Joel D. (2007)
      Background: In order to establish a consistent method for brachial artery reactivity assessment, we analyzed commonly used approaches to the test and their effects on the magnitude and timecourse of flow mediated dilation ...