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    • The Caenorhabditis chemoreceptor gene families 

      Thomas, James H.; Robertson, Hugh M. (2008)
      Background: Chemoreceptor proteins mediate the first step in the transduction of environmental chemical stimuli, defining the breadth of detection and conferring stimulus specificity. Animal genomes contain families of ...
    • Evolutionary conservation of regulated longevity assurance mechanisms 

      McElwee, Joshua J.; Schuster, Eugene; Blanc, Eric; Piper, Matthew D.; Thomas, James H.; Patel, Dhaval S.; Selman, Colin; Withers, Dominic J.; Thorton, Janet M.; Partridge, Linda; Gems, David (2007)
      Background: To what extent are the determinants of aging in animal species universal? Insulin/insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 signaling (IIS) is an evolutionarily conserved (public) regulator of longevity; yet it remains ...