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    • Application of affymetrix array and massively parallel signature sequencing for identification of genes involved in prostate cancer progression 

      Oudes, Asa J.; Roach, Jared C.; Walashek, Laura S.; Eichner, Lillian J..; True, Lawrence D.; Vessella, Robert L.; Liu, Alvin Y. (2005)
      Background: Affymetrix GeneChip Array and Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing (MPSS) are two high throughput methodologies used to profile transcriptomes. Each method has certain strengths and weaknesses; however, no ...
    • Molecular and cellular characterization of ABCG2 in the prostate 

      Pascal, Laura E.; Oudes, Asa J.; Petersen, Timothy W.; Goo, Young Ah; Walashek, Laura S.; True, Lawrence D.; Liu, Alvin Y. (2007)
      Background: Identification and characterization of the prostate stem cell is important for understanding normal prostate development and carcinogenesis. The flow cytometry-based side population (SP) technique has been ...
    • Transcriptomes of human prostate cells 

      Oudes, Asa J.; Campbell, Dave S.; Sorensen, Carrie M.; Walashek, Laura S.; True, Lawrence D.; Liu, Alvin Y. (2006)
      Background: The gene expression profiles of most human tissues have been studied by determining the transcriptome of whole tissue homogenates. Due to the solid composition of tissues it is difficult to study the transcriptomes ...