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    • Efficacy and Potential for Non-Target Effects of Larvicides for West Nile Virus Control in Seatttle Catch Basin 

      Sternberg, Morgan; Conquest, Loveday (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-02-18)
      In anticipation of the spread of West Nile Virus, Seattle officials promoted a city-wide research effort over the summers of 2006 and 2007 designed to investigate the efficacy and fate of four common larvicides: Mosquito ...
    • Emerging Water Quality Treatment and Flow Control Performance -- Trends for Low Impact Development Practices 

      Hinman, Curtis (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-11-24)
      Curtis Hinman will discuss the problem of urban pollutants and stormwater conditions affecting water quality treatment in the Puget Sound and surrounding watersheds. Structural stormwater controls alone have limitations ...
    • Environmental Limitations to Vegetation Establishment and Growth in Vegetated Stormwater Biofilters 

      Mazer, Greg (University of Washington Center for Urban Water Resources Management, 1998)
      Over 100 bioswales have been constructed in King County over the past ten years to treat runoff associated with residential, commercial and light industrial development. Water level fluctuation, long-term inundation, erosive ...
    • How to Save Puget Sound 

      Fletcher, Kathy (University of Washington Water Center, 2008-03-11)
      Fletcher will present an overview of People for Puget Sound, including their mission statement, tools they employ, and partnerships. She will describe current threats to Puget Sound ecosystem health, such as population ...
    • Impacts of urban runoff on fish populations in Kelsey Creek, WA 

      Scott, James B.; Steward, C. R.; Stober, Quentin J. (1982)
    • The Importance of Natural Watershed Hydrology and How to Advance it in Urban Areas 

      Horner, Richard (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-11-17)
      Richard Horner will describe the elements of Pacific Northwest forest hydrology: trees and soils. He will contrast this to urban hydrology, where the hydrologic services of trees and soils are lost. He will describe the ...
    • Just When We Were Getting It Right: Stormwater Management for the 21st Century in the Pacific Northwest 

      Booth, Derek (University of Washington Water Center, 2007-02-14)
      Booth will review development in the Puget Sound region. He will ask: have landscape-scale changes resulted in a landscape-scale of mitigation? The answer: not exactly. Mainly, we use end-of-pipe detention systems. Even ...
    • Managing Stormwater for Healthy Salmon Populations in Puget Sound 

      Kirkpatrick, DeeAnn (University of Washington Water Center, 2007-05-01)
      Kirkpatrick will discuss stormwater and how to manage stormwater for healthy populations in Puget Sound. She will review how stormwater affects salmon and how stormwater is currently managed in the Puget Sound area. Finally, ...
    • Monitoring Urban Streams: Strategies and Protocols 

      Scholz, Jenna; Booth, Derek (University of Washington Water Center, 2000-01)
      This fact sheet introduces monitoring strategies and protocols for urban stream management. The fact sheet presents an approach to crafting the most appropriate monitoring program across a variety of settings. Things to ...
    • A Rapid Land Cover Classification Method for Use in Urban Watershed Analysis 

      Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Hill, Kristina; Botsford, Erik; Booth, Derek B. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2003-03)
      Because of the profound effect of urban development on aquatic systems, characterizing the land cover of a region is critical for a variety of resource management applications. In the Pacific Northwest, this characterization ...
    • Soil Strategies for Creating Sustainable Landscapes and Restoring Watershed Functions 

      McDonald, David (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-02-21)
      McDonald will provide an overview of the "Soils for Salmon" initiative, a practical approach to link the benefits of healthy functioning soils with clean, healthy water resources. He will illustrate the effects of healthy ...
    • Stormwater and Salmon: Assessing the Ecological Impacts of Non-Point Source Pollution 

      Scholz, Nathaniel L. (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-04-11)
      Scholz will discuss one of the major threats to our oceans: non-point source pollution. He will discuss the effects of non-point source pollution on Pacific salmon.
    • Stormwater Management 

      Unknown author (University of Washington Water Center, 2004-01)
      This fact sheet introduces stormwater management. It reviews the following methods of managing stormwater: peak-discharge control, duration control, detention ponds, infiltration ponds and bypass pipelines.
    • Stormwater Performance of Permeable Pavement Systems 

      Booth, Derek; Brattebo, Benjamin; Friebel, Jennifer (University of Washington Water Center, 2004-01)
      This fact sheet introduces permeable pavements as a solution for stormwater management. First, background information is presented about urban stormwater runoff. Next, a study is described, where a permeable pavement test ...
    • Technology Review: Ultra-Urban Stormwater Treatment Technologies 

      Brueske, Christopher C. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-09-01)
      This paper provides a review of "ultra-urban" stormwater treatment technologies. "Ultra-urban" technologies are designed to remove pollutants from wet weather runoff in highly developed areas where land values are high ...
    • Urban Non-Point Source Impacts on Seattle Area Stream Phosphorus Transport 

      Brett, Michael (University of Washington Water Center, 2005-10-11)
      Brett will discuss: 1. Land cover impacts on the central tendency in stream water nutrient concentrations. 2. Long term trends in urban stream nutrient concentrations. 3. Flow, seasonal and land cover impacts on daily ...
    • Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest 

      Booth, Derek B.; Karr, James R.; Schauman, Sally; Konrad, Christopher P.; Morley, Sarah A.; Larson, Marit G.; Henshaw, Patricia C.; Nelson, Erin J.; Burges, Stephen J. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2001-03-30)
      Our goal in this project has been to develop a robust approach to urban stream rehabilitation, using examples from the Puget Lowland region of western Washington, that blends knowledge from the physical, biological, and ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.12:no.1(2001:winter) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (2001)
      Articles include: Forest Cover, Impervious Surface Area, and the Mitigation of Stormwater Impacts; The Effects of Alternative Maintenance Practices on Water Quality Benefits of Highway Road Ditches; On-Site Runoff Mitigation ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.7:no.4(1996:fall) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 1996)
      Articles include: Characterizing the Magnitude of Urban Development; Preventing the Problems of Urban Runoff; Evaluation of Infiltrative Pavement Systems for Parking Areas.
    • Watershed Review: v.2:no.2(2004:spring) 

      Center for Water & Watershed Studies (University of Washington Water Center, 2004)
      Articles include: Moving Beyond the River Continuum Concept: the Importance of Discontinuity in Stream Networks; Urban Stormwater Characterization in a Seattle Neighborhood; Quantifying Headwater Streams and the Connection ...